Exclusive Interview with Lauren Tom!

We carried out an exclusive interview with actress Lauren Tom. She plays the Mr. Tran (mother of the prophet Kevin) in the 8th season of Supernatural. No spoilers to those who are now watching the episodes. The actress talks about working with Jensen, Jared, Osric, Misha and all the team, what you think of the season, about the filming of its episodes and more. Check out the interview below - click on images to expand:

SpnTentation: Ms. Tran is 100% adored by #Spn fans. How does it feel in be participating in Supernatural and knowing that has conquered so easy the fans?

Lauren Tom: That is so sweet of you to say. I have never felt so much love from fans before! I think the producers of the show know what the fans like so they created a very strong female character instead o f a weak one! I think the one thing that made fans embrace me is punching Crowley! It has been an absolute joy for me to be part of the show and I hope they bring me back again! I've been getting so many messages in Portuguese since I followed you and I assume they are nice messages, although I have no idea!

SpnTentation: This is so nice to read! Have you ever had watched some episode of Supernatural before joining the cast?

Lauren Tom: No, I have 2 small children so I don't really have a lot of time to watch TV. But of course I am following it now. But it is SO scary! I have to turn my head away a lot because the special effects are so good! I had heard that the show has an amazing fan base though, which is true!! My first clue how intense the fans are for SPN, was when I stepped off the plane to film the first episode there were paparazzi waiting there to take my picture! And I was very embarrassed because I was wearing a T-shirt, yoga pants, SLIPPERS and no make up!

SpnTentation: Hahahaha.. Do you like the arc that the season 8 is addressing?

Lauren Tom: Yes, people really seem to be very interested in Castiel, and hopefully the story of Kevin reading the tablets and trying to close the gates of Hell. Oscri, who plays Kevin, and Misha, are such nice people and amazing actors too. Very nice cast and crew. But they feed us too much food! I'm surprised we all don't weigh 500 pounds. They have chocolate and ice cream breaks for us after dinner!

SpnTentation: Seems to be delicious! hahaha What was your first impression about his character, "Ms. Tran"?

Lauren Tom: That she was a tough cookie! I couldn't wait to play her and I was wondering what I was going to do when Crowley took over my body. Mark Sheppard helped me with the rhythm of his voice and how Crowley might sound saying those lines. I've never been asked to punch someone in the face before. I am tiny so I usually don't get cast in Bad Ass roles! Playing this part has made me tougher when I am walking my dog who is blind. Sometimes a big dog will come charging at him, and now I scare them off with my big, low voice, and I yell, "Hey, hey, BACK OFF" in a very Mrs. Tran voice!

SpnTentation: The red smoke was perfect with his performance! haha! Can you tell us how did the recording of the episode 8x07?

Lauren Tom: I had a lot of fun on the last one. The scene that made me the most nervous was trying to park my car next to the Very Important Impala! I apparently came very close to hitting it but didn't realize it! Everyone was very nervous. I told them, "I'm Asian, what do you want?" I felt much better after I finally got it right. It was 1AM in the morning and we were all tired and kind of loopy. I loved being able to use the Super Soaker on the Demon. Were you impressed that I was able to get him in my trunk by myself!? :)

SpnTentation: Looks like it was fun. hahaa.. We always ask: Who is the funniest person on set?

Lauren Tom: Wow, that's a tough one. They all have such a great sense of humor, which is what makes the job so fun--Jared, Jensen, Mark, Osric, Misha.. Hmm....if I had to pick one, I'd probably say Misha, and Jared is the goofiest because he likes to play pranks on people so much. Jared and I had a lot of fun when I punched Crowley. On one take I yelled "Douche" and then, without missing a beat, Jared yelled "Bag". So then all day long we all kept saying "Douche Bag" to each other! Jensen wins the prize for being the most generous because he always very aware of people and set and takes really good care of them. It doesn't surprise me that he has directed some episodes because he is perfect for that job. Osric wins for sweetest person. I want my sons to grow up to be just like him. :)

SpnTentation: Kevin is involved in a "war" and Mr. Tran is always protecting him. How would you describe this relation of mother and son on the show?

Lauren Tom: I think the term "Tiger Mom" implies that I am very tough on Kevin and hold him to a very high standard. I probably made him practice cello constantly. I want him to be strong because I love him more than I love myself. Having kids in real life, I know this is true. That's why my character made that decision to give up her own soul for the sake of her son. I think Kevin clearly loves his mother too, he is always wanting to check in on her and make sure she is okay.

SpnTentation: This relation is very beautiful. It is difficult to see this in Spn (with the exception of the relationship of the brothers, Bobby and Cas). - Would you accept join a possible 09 season?

Lauren Tom: Oh hell yeah!! To be honest, I haven't shot any more episode so I'm really hoping they ask me back for more in Season 8. I may need the help of the fans down the road in order to bring me back. We shall see! How long have you been a fan of the show? Since the beginning?

SpnTentation: I'm a fan since 2008! Have assurances that we will do everything to help you to be on next season! You want to leave a message for your Brazilian fans? :D

Lauren Tom: To All the Brazilian Fans out there: Mama Tran loves you right back!! Thanks for welcoming me into your family!!" xoxo. I'm glad to know you guys have my back if I need help in the future. I know the show producers are open to what the fans like!

SpnTentation: We love you and we worship you on the show. Thank you for all the words. We are immensely grateful. 

Lauren Tom: Thanks so much!!

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