Exclusive Interview with Curtis Armstrong (Metatron on #Supernatural).

We interviwed the actor Curtis Armstrong, that interprets Metatron on Supernatural. He talks about Jared, Jensen, how he prepared to play metatron and more. Take a look;

01 - Did you ever watched Supernatural before being invited to the show?
Yes, I had seen a number of episodes, but I get kind of obsessive about shows like Supernatural.  If I don't watch them from the beginning, I have to wait and start over when they become available on DVD and then treat them like a book---view them through.  So far, I've been unable to find the time to do this, but I'm making my way through.  It's a challenge with a mythology as complex as this one.

02 - How is it working with Jared, Jensen, Misha and the crew of SPN?
Jared, Jensen and Misha (or as I like to think of them, The Holy Trinity) are just remarkable guys, terrific actors and warm and welcoming to boot.  I've spent a lot of times doing guest star appearances on shows.  It's always a crap shoot.  One certainty is that the atmosphere on the set comes from the top.  If the stars are jerks, it trickles down.  This is especially true on long running shows.  People who've been working on the same project as long as these guys have can get bored and difficult and as a guest star, you wind up paying for that. 

Not on this show. Everyone from the executive producers and stars through the staff and crew are friendly and professional.  I love going to work there.

03 - Some actors studying the characteristics of the series to develop their characters. You prepared in any way to make the Metatron?
I didn't do a lot of preparation for Metatron, actually. When I first saw the set of his room with the books everywhere, I laughed, because that's kind of what my house looks like.  I'm an omniverous reader and my books are everywhere.  I also was a little unsure of Metatron's motives early on.  I wasn't given a lot of information, though they were very patient in trying to explain the mythology to me: but it was hard being submersed in all that information at once. One trick I latched on to early was that it was important that Metatron not "play" evil, because he doesn't think of himself as evil.   Sort of Bad Guy 101. I wanted people to get confused because this man should be, on the surface, like an earnest, friendly, amusing fellow, someone you'd find in a book club or a bar that you might be drawn to because of his charm. And then he burns your eyeballs out.  That kind of guy.

04 - How did you react when you see the twist that gave his character in the serie? You knew from the beginning that he had other intentions?

As I say, I had no idea what was coming with Metatron.  They never tell me anything.  I'm going up to shoot another episode in a few weeks and I have no idea what the story is.  It's kind of fun actually.  They wait until the last minute, send me the script and I read it,and say, "AAHHH! So THAT"S what he's up to!"

05 - If you were to play another character that already exists in the show, and you could choose, what would it be and why?
Those characters are so indelible as played by those people it's kind of difficult to imagine me playing anyone else.  Metatron is a gift for any actor to play. Can't even think of another one.  

06 - Which end do you think should have Metatron?
What end for Metatron?  Well, judging from what I've been reading on the internet, there can't be anything painful or awful enough!  I mean, okay, I had Kevin killed, granted!  But once you all get to know me, you'll marvel at all my positive attributes. I'm well-read, articulate, organized, I've been friendly with people in VERY high places......So, I'd like to see Metatron get his just desserts. What those are, are up to you!

07 - What do you think about the interaction that the "#SpnFamily" has with the entire team of SPN?
The #SPN Family simply knocks me out.  I've never experienced any thing like them, ever. Loving, supportive, feisty, provocative, obsessed....basically, everything any show would dream of having in a fan base. Supernatural is very lucky to have you all!

08 - Do you have plans to visit Brazil?
I would LOVE to visit Brazil!! It's something I've thought about for years.  One day.....

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