Exclusive interview with Kim Rhodes - Jody Mills on SPN.

We interviewed Exclusively this week the actress Kim Rhodes, who plays the lover Sheriff Jody Mills on Supernatural. Kim joined on Supernatural in season 5 and his "last" appearance on the show was released in the last episode - the end of season 8. She made guest appearances on episodes of seasons 5, 6 and 7, inclusive, in episode 6x04, which had Jensen as director. In this interview Kim talks about working with members of Supernatural, about their fans, and more. Check out:

1 - You are always very charismatic with fans at conventions. How do you define the supernatural fans?
I think the fans are so incredibly amazing. They are true fans; devoted, loving, passionate. But they all are so incredible as individuals too. I'm always amazed by the talent they have and they are so smart. I am humbled and honored that such a phenomenal group of people seem to like me. Don't know what I did, but I'll try to keep doing it!

2 - We see that you have affinity with the Supernatural cast. How is working with Jared, Jensen, Jim Beaver and the all of production?
I actually get to spend more time with cast members at the conventions than I do when I'm working. I haven't worked with Jensen hardly at all and it's been a while for Jared. I adore Jim Beaver and it's always fun when we get to do anything together, be it a photo op or a scene. There really isn't a loser in the bunch and I'm grateful they let me tag along as the "token girl".

3 - There are many pranks on set?
You know, it's so funny because I keep getting that question and I never see any. I'm not sure if it's because I don't inspire them or I scare them or... well, the last time I worked it was on the very last day of the season, so nobody really felt like wasting time on a prank when they all had flights to catch. But if I'm ever around one, I'll try to remember to grab it on camera.

4 - How was it participate of the episode "Weekend at Bobby's (6x04)" having Jensen as director? How is he as a director?
Jensen is an awesome director, once I quit being distracted by how cute he is. He was solid and prepared and really did his homework, which a lot of times actors won't do. He didn't expect anybody to be doing his work for him while he skated by, ya know? Also, some actors direct other actors the way THEY would act the role. Jensen has the wonderful ability to tap into what I was doing within my own process and give me notes like that. He has a great eye for when I'm faking it and he calls me on it. He won't settle for anything less than your best and he brings his own too. I love working with him and I wish I could again. And not just cuz he's cute.

5 - Do you have plans to visit Brazil? Brazilian fans love you and Sheriff Mills!
I wish! Who do I have to send cookies to get invited to a convention over there? The Brazil fans are, truly, the most passionate and seem like they know how to throw a party. Am I wrong?

6 - One of the afflictions after the season finale, is "Jody Mills died or not?! Oh my God." How was filming a scene with Mark starting the last episode of season 8?
I adore Mark and I think we had fun together. I had fun, at any rate. It was nice to see another side to Jody, even if it was with the King of Hell. Mark is an incredible actor and it's hard to be in a scene with him and NOT be committed. He draws everyone in, even the crew sometimes. But even I don't know if I'm dead. Write letters! Tell them you want proof I'm still alive! I need my vengeance on Crowley!

7 - If you had the chance to be another character in Supernatural, what would it be?
I'd like to play Satan. I think Mark Pellegrino was fucking FANTASTIC, let me start there. Maybe that's why. He was inspiring, dare I say? But I'd like to really see what darkness I could get out of myself, since I am so kind of light in real life and the characters I play tend to be as well.

8 - You already had watched an episode of Supernatural, before being invited to participate in the show?
Yeah, my sister and I both liked the show. I am a huge fan of Sci-Fi/Fantasy anyway, and it was right up my alley. The first show I ever remember loving that was a "grown-up" show was "Dr.Who" and the first books I read were the OZ books. My tastes haven't really changed.

9 - What is your favorite episode (that you participated) and why it is?
My favorite episode is "Weekend at Bobby's" because of getting to play with Jim. We got some lovely moments and he is a dream to work with as an actor and just scrumptious as a human being. I could happily do a show with just the two of us forever. And I loved seeing the sides of their characters together in private. You really got to see what a great team they could have made. *sniff sniff* I miss him like crazy.

10 - If you could choose the destiny of Sheriff Mills (after she losing her son and husband by supernatural circumstances), what would you choose?
Well, I like to think she finds a way to bind Crowley to her forever and she makes him get her an island near Brazil and she moves there for happily ever after.


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