Exclusive interview with Alaina Huffman, the Abaddon!

1- You already had participated on Smallville playing a role different character that we are used to see in family programs. However, how did you react knowing the character that you would play on Supernatural?

Alaina: Every role I take on provides new opportunities. Black canary and Smallville had a foundation to build on as does Supernatural.. I had no idea Abaddon would be so popular. I don't think anyone did. She is so well written it makes my job easy.

2- How is/was working with Jared, Jensen, Gill McKinney and all the SPN production?

Alaina: The whole crew are amazing, they have all worked together for so long, it's a very professional set. I even have friends from other shows that now work on SPN so it's been a reunion for me too. The boys are great. They set a pleasant tone on set. Gil and I hang out at home in LA so I see him all the time. He's a good guy.

3- Jared and Jensen used to make jokes with everyone in the set, including and mostly the actors. Have you already a target of one?

Alaina: No they don't pull pranks on me... Yet;-) I just get hugs and kisses ;-)

4- So, about Abaddon, she is a peculiar demon huh? What can you say about her?

Alaina: I love Abaddon, again I really didn't expect her to be more than the monster of the week but she's developed beautifully. I think this whole stand off between her and Crowley is fantastic. I love what they are writing for me and I can't wait to see where they take it.

5- Have you already watched Supernatural, before being invited to the show?

Alaina: No I had not ever watched SPN and I'd never auditioned for it prior to this which I find weird since it's been around so long.... But here I am;-)

6- Do you have received many messages from the #SpnFamily/Supernatural fans in your Twitter?

Alaina: Yes the SPN family has been very welcoming! I am having fun with twitter. I am so incredibly impressed with the creativity and devotion this fandom has.  

7- After the scene you had with Jensen, the one that Abaddon said that Dean is the perfect vessel, a lot of fans have been picturing Abaddon and Dean together, as a couple (Abaddean). What do you think about that? Do you think they can move forward on a relationship?

Alaina: Yes I am aware of the ship! I totally think they are hot together... Not sure there is a relationship there, not a functioning one... Which may work for them haha... I think the key is to tease  a lot. It's sexy! 

8- How was filming the triumphant return of Abaddon?

Alaina: It's always great to be invited back. I love how they brought her back.

9- Have plans to visit the Brazilian fans?

Alaina: I would love to come to Brazil and meet fans, Brazil has an amazing fan family I have been very welcomed by you all! Te Amo Brazil!!!! 

10 - And to finalize, you want to leave a message for the fans? -If you want to record a video saying something, it would be a pleasure and the fans would love.

Alaina: Again I am so in awe of the fandom, I love you all I am in for the ride. 

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