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Como a história de cada personagem terminou em Supernatural.

Para os personagens que retornaram na temporada final de Supernatural, nós juntamos os jeitos que suas histórias terminam para que você possa ficar por dentro de como ficou seu personagem.


Atores de Supernatural participam de evento brasileiro online.

Neste final de semana os atores Osric Chau (Kevin) e Ruth Connell (Rowena) participaram do evento brasileiro Sana Live e conversaram um pouco sobre suas carreiras e a série.


[Spoiler] Retorno de personagem no mundo apocalíptico da 13ª temporada.

O EW revelou recentemente o retorno de um personagem muito querido pela fã base de Supernatural. Ele deverá aparecer em um dos próximos episódios da 13ª temporada do show.


Osric Chau e Timothy Omundson mandam recado para os hunters brasileiros!

Os atores Osric Chau (Kevin em Supernatural) e Timothy Omundson (Cain em Supernatural) nos enviaram vídeos exclusivos para os eventos que fizemos no último setembro em São Paulo e Rio de Janeiro.


[Spoiler] Osric Chau fala sobre Kevin Tran, convenções e seus futuros projetos.

O site Examiner entrevistou o ator Osric Chau e o ator fala sobre seu personagem em Supernatural, sobre sua participação nas convenções e sobre seus novos projetos. Confira a tradução da entrevista a seguir.


[Spoilers] Matéria sobre a 9ª temporada na revista da Comic Con.

Como postado anteriormente aqui no site, Supernatural ganhou edição especial com duas capas diferentes, da TV Guide Magazine para a Comic Con 2013. Alguns fãs já estão com a revista em mãos e estão publicando notas da matéria sobre a nossa série. Confira abaixo a tradução dos destaques do que foram postados até agora.


Spn Tentation entrevista: Osric Chau, o profeta Kevin.

Na nossa última, conversamos com a atriz Lauren Tom. Ela interpreta a Sra. Tran, mãe de Kevin, na 8ª temporada de Supernatural. Antes a mãe, e agora o filho. Conversamos com exclusividade com o ator Osric Chau, o Kevin Tran de Supernatural. O ator fala sobre seu personagem, sua relação com o elenco e mais. Obviamente, a entrevista não contém nenhum spoiler, mas devo dizer que é uma das melhores entrevistas que já fizemos.. Confira a seguir a tradução.


[Spoiler] Alteração no título do episódio 8x08 e foto com convidado!

O episódio 8x08 que antes se chamava "Dean Amuck", teve seu nome alterado e agora se chama "Hunteri Heroici". O título foi liberado durante a visita que alguns colunistas fizeram ao set. 

A atriz Lauren Tom liberou ontem uma foto de Jensen Ackles e Osric Chau - Profeta Kevin, que estará no episódio 8x08 - no set de filmagens. Confira:

Clique para ampliar.


Interview with the actor Osric Chau

Exclusive interview with the actor Osric Chau (Kevin Tran on SPN). He talks about working with Jensen, Jared, Lauren .. About his character and more.
1. What was your reaction when you were invited to participate in a supernatural series?

I was ecstatic. And that excitement continues to grow even now. The longer I've been on the show, the more excited I've been about it and a big reason for that are the fans so I have to start this interview by thanking everyone reading this. You make everyone working on the show love it as much as you do. Thank you! 
2. How did you prepare to play Kevin?

In my audition I did it a bit differently. I put glasses on and I wore my own version of what I thought Kevin would wear. I played him up way more "nerdy" than he ended up being which I am very happy for. But in essence, Kevin's the kind of person that has a thousand thoughts in his head at any point in time and that's what I do. When I do the scene I am trying to think of every possible piece of information that I know about what's going on in that scene and that's where Kevin's calculated jitteriness and anxiety comes from. 
3. What do you think of the story of your character?

Just like the show, the longer I've been on it the more I love playing Kevin and the more I appreciate Jeremy Carver, Robert Singer, Andrew Dabb and everyone else in the writer's room. It's not easy trying to make everyone happy so I have to be thankful that they've been able to keep me happy. I'm always looking forward to seeing scripts to find out what happens next to Kevin! 
4. What do you think of the arc that the season approaches?

I think the writers have done an amazing job with season 8 so far. They brought in a lot of fantastic characters, both old and new, and everyone's story arc has been very well crafted and enjoyable to follow. The next episode we're really digging into the thick of the plot so I'm excited to see it. Also because I tend to forget the episode by the time it airs.
5. You had already watched Supernatural before being invited?
I hadn't actually. I wish I would have, it would save me a lot of time trying to catch up. I knew of the show being from Vancouver but I never saw it until just before my audition. Luckily for me, Kevin Tran was in the same predicament as I was and it really helped that I had no idea what was going on so seeing a lot of the supernatural things happening, I just reacted because I never expected any of it. After that, I had a lot of my friends who are fans of the show help me catch up on what was happening. 
6. You would think that your character had such a great importance in the history?

I certainly hope so. Being one of two prophets isn't bad and Chuck certainly left his mark so I really hope that I'll be able to do that with Kevin. Only time and the fans will tell. 
7. How is working with Jensen, Jared, Lauren... ?

Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE on the supernatural set has been such a pleasure to work with. Cast, crew, day players, catering, production assistants, it's just incredible the amount of good energy we have on that set and that just leaves me smiling every time I arrive on set. Jensen is a true professional, he is someone I look up to, he's got a very strong understanding of the set, the people and how it works and the fact that he's directed 3 successful episodes is something I admire and aspire to. Jared I look up to as well, but in a different way, he's really tall. Jared and I have a lot in common and he's a buddy. Quick to laugh, very intelligent guy and always has something interesting to say, we also play games together because we're both really competitive and he's just a really fun guy to be around. And Lauren. Well she's mom. She reminds me of my mom in a lot of ways and that's just nice sometimes because I miss my mom a lot and having Lauren around, especially in Los Angeles helps me from getting homesick. I love hanging out with her family here and it would be so awesome to hear that she'll be back on set at some point but until then we're gonna do a few projects together and hopefully she'll be able to come to a Supernatural Convention and we can do Tran family photos with everyone, haha.
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